Thursday, October 4, 2018

What is ProtineX, Benefits and Side Effects of ProtineX | The Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Health and Fitness City

What is ProtineX ?

ProtineX is a nutritional supplement that is advised in conditions where low body weight or inadequate nutrition is an issue. Like any other protein
supplement protineX does it's work perfectly. Its a trusted brand. When compared with other supplements, ProtineX has the maximum amount of protein in one scoop.

Protein is a helpful nutrient that supports building muscles. It also supports various physiological function and checks hormones of the body. Are you a fitness lover and bodybuilder? As per experts, you require at least 1.5g protein as per kg body weight. ProtineX powders can satisfy your needs.  The best thing about this product is that protein x price in India is very affordable.

Many people are aware of brand ProtineX but they are unaware of it's health benefits and side effects. Today we are going to share all necessary information such as what are advantages and side effects of ProtineX. We will also tell you How to take protineX.

Benefits of ProtineX

In our ProtineX Review, we will tell you about many benefits of using ProtineX. Some of them are discussed below.

  • The value of Protein in protineX Supplement is good. Your body will get more protein in every serving which will help you in building more muscles.
  • There is hydrolysed Protein powder In ProtineX which will improve your digestive system.
  • It completes your daily diet with many minerals carbs, protein and vitamins.
  • If you want to improve your stamina, you may use ProtineX.
  • ProtineX helps in improving your immune system so that you don’t fall sick frequently.

Side Effects of ProtineX

1) Increased weight and more fat: If you take the supplement in excess quantity more than advice, It may give you lots of fat. If you consume more the quantity of the powder and don’t exercise much then it will give you fat deposits.

2) Diarrhea due to Improper digestion :  When you start taking protein supplements, There’s a lot of pressure on your stomach. As we know, our body can digest 5-9 grams of protein an hour. If you consume more, you might face indigestion.

3) Dehydration: As you began consuming ProtineX, your body needs more water to flush out the byproducts . It reduces the overall fluid in the body. Consume more water otherwise you may face issues like dehydration,  fatigue, headache, less urine output.

ProtineX Nutrition Information

How To Take ProtineX

  • Take about 200ml milk with Water.
  • Mix 2-3 teaspoon of ProtineX Powder, you can also add sugar
  • Mix Well
  • Use it 2 time after breakfast and lunch to gain weight.
  • 2 times before breakfast and dinner to maintain weight.
  • You can use it in empty Stomach and after finish your workout (running, jumping etc).

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